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Child and youth care around the World


FICE-International’s vision is to create networks across continents worldwide to support actions and all those working with at-risk children, children with special needs and children and young people in out-of-home care. All activities aim to respect the personality, interests, and needs of the child or the young person.

Children's Race

FICE International 35th World Congress

""Shaping Tomorrow's Care for Children and Youth: Quality and Innovation in Alternative Care''"

 23rd to 25th of October 2024.
Split, Croatia

International Network

FICE International is an international network of organizations and professionals working in the field of child and youth care from more than 35 countries around the Globe.

FICE International has a wide pool of professionals from various backgrounds: practitioners, university professors, researchers in the fields of social pedagogy, social work, youth work, psychology, education, etc.

Joining their efforts, they have better chances for influencing the quality of child and youth care. Being members of the network allows them to exchange knowledge, experience and good practices, to join forces in project activities, to come up with innovative solutions to common problems, to set higher goals and to achieve changes for the better of vulnerable children around the world.

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