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West Africa

Name of the organization:



President/director:  Djibril FALL



The International Social Service (ISS) is an international social service delivery network created in 1924 and operates in more than 140 countries. Our ethics is based on the universal respect of human dignity without discrimination. Our values, driven by SOLIDARITY and RECIPROCITY are founded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and in the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

West Africa is represented in this network by ISS-West Africa. ISS-WA is an international African organization engaged in human development through the protection and support of children, youth, families and communities. The organization is composed of a multidisciplinary team guided by the principles of solidarity and reciprocity and a quality-oriented approach to service delivery in order to positively and qualitatively impact on the rights and lives of children, of whom we claim to be ambassadors. ISS-West Africa is a Child Rights-focused organization.

The current principal activities of ISS-WA are technical and strategic coordination of the West African Network for the protection of children (WAN), strengthening of the ISS network in the region and the promotion of social work in particular at transnational level. In addition to this coordination, ISSWest Africa also gives support and provides expertise to partners in different countries in the field of social work and child protection through training and coaching in order to strengthen the capacity of actors working on these themes.



All children in West Africa grow up in a safe and conducive environment where their aspirations are supported and their rights respected.



Protection of children who have left their families and their countries for diverse reasons and have fallen into vulnerable situations through the delivery of quality comprehensive and individualized rights- and needs-based transnational and national social work..


To identify and protect vulnerable Children on the move in the West African space through the engagement of the West Africa Network, the public, national and regional bodies as well as the private sector in order for this group of children to attain their full potentials in a safe family or other environment.

Domains of Action:

  • Promotion of international social work in West Africa

  • International Migration

  • Cross-border mobility of children

  • Protection of Children

  • Promotion of Children’s’ Rights

  • Support for alternative care


  • Technical support of the West African Network for the Protection of Children (WAN)

  • Sharing of quantitative and qualitative data on the problem of children in cross-border mobility with Member States of ECOWAS

  • Training, coaching and capacity building in the field of social work and child protection

  • Participation in professional platforms child protection

  • Publication of specialized documents in social work.

ISS-West Africa has four technical departments and an administrative and finance unit:

i. Case management Department:

  • Monitoring the case-work in the country

  • Capacity building of social workers

  • Data Analysis

ii. Community Support Department

  • Community Dialogue

  • Community Projects

  • Community Monitoring of children

iii. Monitoring and Evaluation Department:

  • Monitoring of achievements related to the model of action and logical frameworks

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Quality Monitoring

iv. Communication and Information System:

  • Communication

  • Management of databases

  • Publication

  • Advocacy

ISS-West Africa collaborates with: National authorities, ECOWAS – social services departments, NGOs, individuals, unions, associations, embassies / consulates, Training Institutes…

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