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FICE USA’s Charter was approved by the FICE World Congress in Sarajevo on September 7, 2006. Since then, FICE USA has joined with four Sponsoring Partners in supporting primarily the work of FICE South Africa and the Isibindi model of supporting children there.


President of FICE USA is Dennis W. Felty.



FICE USA envisions a world where all children can grow up in a stable and loving family within an environment of nurturing, safety and security. We aspire to a vision for the world, where every child has access to; housing, food, healthcare, quality education and is embraced as a valued member of their society.


Main activities

  • Support of NACCW (The National Association of Child Care Workers – South Africa) salaries through FICE South Africa;

  • Attend Federal Council and World Congress meetings;

  • Coordinate the mission of FICE International with other like-minded organizations.

Sponsoring Partners

Keystone Human Services


Pennsylvania Association of Resources for Intellectual Disabilities and Autism


ANCOR: American Network of Community Options and Resources


InVision Human Services



Madeleine DeHart

Address:124 Pine Street, Harrisburg, 
PA 17101, USA

Tel:++001 (717) 232 1949

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