FICE Switzerland is founded on 21 April 1951 under the name „Swiss Association of Children’s Villages and Youth Housing“ and later renamed as „Swiss Society for Education in Youth Institutions“. In 2000 the name is again changed again to „International Society for Educational Assistance“. Although the discussion about the situation of children living outside the usual family environment has been changing, the main focus always remains the same: the aspiration to guarantee all children a basic livelihood and protection, and to facilitate their development according to their needs – irrespective of race, nationality or religion.



Clara Bombach and Roland Stübi - co-presidents


Main activities:

  • Networking with professional organizations in Switzerland;

  • Representing FICE at UNICEF Geneva and UNESCO;

  • Organizing seminars and conferences on visionary topics; initiating discussions on practical and theoretical issues;

  • Cooperating with other organizations to build a platform for the Rights of the Child;

  • Collecting and making accessible specific know how, functioning as a hub for professional exchange.​


The organisation comprises around 160 members – individuals and organisations and educational institutions for social work.


E-mail: info@fice.ch

Web: www.fice.ch

Address: Pfingstweidstr. 16, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland