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FICE Spain

Short history:

It was founded in 2010 as a network of social organizations committed to the genuine implementation of Children's Rights as defined by the United Nations and the Convention on the Rights of Children. Our focus is on children who live in vulnerable situations, as well as their families.


FICE España is composed of 9 member associations, non-profit organizations that aim to improve the quality of life for children at risk and their families by promoting family support models, community care, and the quality of residential care.


  • To develop community based services and resources in each territory of the member organizations.

  • To be the reference network in Europe for organizations working to ensure the effective exercise of the rights of children and families at risk and in situations of social exclusion in Spain.

  • To promote and enhance the quality of residential care for children and adolescents.

Main Activities:

  • To promote initiatives to guarantee the real fulfillment of the rights of all boys and girls, ensuring them a dignified present and a future with equal opportunities.

  • To participate in international networks to contribute to raising proposals that place the needs of vulnerable children at the center of public policies.

  • To generate alternative Care Models to the institutionalization of children from prevention and their full development in the community, family foster care in its different modalities and support for the processes of autonomy and emancipation.

  • To promote quality and innovation in the residential services of the child protection system.

  • Act as an exchange network for the knowledge, methodology and good practices among its member organizations, enriching their own projects and promoting new initiatives.

  • To pay attention to needs emerging and changing that affect children in vulnerable situations and propose responses from research, innovation and a rights perspective.



Monica Concepcion, president

David Ruiz, General Director

Contact Information:



Address: Orense Street, 25, 2º D-Izq. CP. 28020 Madrid

Phone: +34 91 185 99 85

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