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South Africa



FICE SOUTH AFRICA is founded in 1993 and is locally constituted as The National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW).

FICA SA provides the professional training and infrastructure to promote healthy child and youth development and to improve standards of care and treatment for troubled children and youth at risk in family, community and residential group care settings.


President of FICE SA is Mr. Elwin Gallant.


Secretary-General of FICE SA is Ms. Merle Allsopp.


Main activities

  • Skills Development;

  • Developing and replicating models;

  • Mentorship and Consultancy;

  • Professionalizing the field;

  • Membership;

  • International Liaison;

  • Knowledge development and dissemination;

  • Advocacy.


Membership is based of approximately 2500 members. The majority are individual members and 50 corporate members.


Head Office Postal:P.O. Box 36407, Glosderry
7702, South Africa

Head Office Physical: Office 9, 220 Ottery Road, Otter
7800, Western Cape, South Africa

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