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A variety of activities are conducted with children and young people in Serbia, including working with children and youth from 0 to 26 years of age who are growing up in out of family settings, (foster families and institutions) those with disabilities, behavioural disorders and developmental difficulties, those who are at risk of being separated from their families and young people who are leaving care.

Most work involves partnerships and networks in local communities, the transfer of knowledge and support training for professionals in the sector including conferences and professional exchanges, the creation of training programs for professionals in the youth care field, role play, case studies, group discussion, holistic, child-centred individual approach, individual development planning for child, young people and their families, case management, preventive support and after-care support.  All of these are innovative approaches provided by social services for children and families.

Pre-service training is conducted by Higher Education bodies who provided qualifications up to PhD. University provides training for social work.

Current projects include the development of new and innovative services, such as Parent Line, a telephone counselling service for parents concerned about their children.  Training programs for staff members in institutions for children and youth and maintaining the network of FICE Serbia members are also high priorities. Youth Community and Semi-Independent Living Programs, Family Strengthening Programs and capacity building programs for foster families sit alongside programs which support young people’s economic development, work with refugees from Asia and Africa transiting/staying in Serbia.

Serbian members are interested in collaborations for common publications.    Please contact the FICE office for further details.


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