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FICE Serbia was founded on 2003, with support of regional network FICE South East Europe-ex YU countiries and FICE International). FICE SRBIJA is created as nonpartisan, non governmental, nonprofit professional association serving to the best interest of children and families

• FICE SRBIJA je neutral association in terms of  political and religious beliefs and rejects all forms of discrimination

• FICE SRBIJA is association which advocates for respecting of  "UN Convention of human and children’s rights”

• FICE SRBIJA is professional association of experts who work in social care system and in the field of children and families protection
-In the period of almost 15 years of existing FICE Serbia organized a big number of events and educations for its members on national,regional and international level.
In Serbia,, FICE Srbija has been recognized as a respectable professional association  that cooperates with UNICEF, Ministry of social affairs and European partners which focus have on children and  family best interest


The vision of »FICE SRBIJA« is:
Better world for children, especially those are growing up with risks of absence of their own families!


The mission of »FICE SRBIJA« is:
supporting children and families, development of professional competencies employees in the children and families protection field, development of social services and missing programs for children and families in local communities


THE MAIN GOALS of »FICE SRBIJA« - in the service of best interest of children and families
• connecting and exchange of experiences between employees in the field of institutional and “out of institutions” care for children and families
• Support to children and youth who are growing up outside of their families
• strengthening of professional   competencies  of employees who are taking care of children and families
• exchange of professional knowledge and experiences and improvement of professional practice
• search for new, innovative and better models in child and family protection field
• raising national responsibility for children, youth an family wellbeing and care


• promotion of  “FICE SRBIJA” activities
• networking in region and at international level
• organizing educations, conferences and professional meetings
• representing  “FICE SRBIJA”  members  at governmental and non governmental  organizations
• supporting the reform of social care system in Serbia
• projects and programs dedicated to improving professional competencies of those who work with children and families
• publishing
• implementation and adjustment of the examples of good practices in children and youth protection
• supporting development of civil society through inclusion of citizens in the system of of children and family care
- maintaining and widening the network of FICE  members in Serbia(youth care organizations, foster care organizations,services for children and families in local comunity,educational institutions for profiles of professionals working with children and families, as well as individual members).


27 Members of »FICE SRBIJA« are organizations and individuals who work in the field of institutional and out of institution children protection:  

• homes for children without parental care

• homes for children with special needs

• homes for children with behavioral disorders

• centers for social work

• centers for foster care and adoption

• institutes for social care

• similar organizations and programs

• interested professionals and volunteers


President: Zeljka Burgund


Individual members:

Olgica Cekic


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