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FICE Romania was founded in September 1990 as a non-governmental organization affiliated to the International Federation of Educational Communities (FICE), which was founded in Trogen, Switzerland, in 1948, under the auspices of UNESCO (with the status of a non-governmental organization) and UNICEF, ECOSOC and the Council of Europe.
FICE Romania practices political and religious neutrality, has nonprofit activity in the field of child rights protection.


The president of FICE-Romania is prof. Toma Mares.



• Acts to respect the child's rights under O.N.U. and proposes to government institutions measures to improve childcare legislation.
• Supports specialized agencies, subsidized by the state, who are required by law to protecting children and private institutions, both lay and religious, temporary and permanent offering to care, educate or re-educate selected children by law enforcement of childcare.
• Works to improve the material basis for organizing educational work in educational communities.
• Supports children and young people whose families have family, social, health and educational difficulties.
• Collaborates with institutions and specialized organizations to organize, according to the financial possibilities, leisure activities of children in the country or abroad.
• Initiates actions for the continuous improvement of the work carried out by staff working in the field of child protection and education.
• Collaborates with all non-governmental organizations that have similar objectives.
• Provides support for young people to integrate social and professional life.
• Carries out research actions with institutions (governmental and nongovernmental) involved in child protection and child education.

Main activities

  • Concerted actions with institutions (governmental and non-governmental) involved in child protection and child education.

  • Elaborates and proposes to the institutions of child protection, educational strategies in order to optimize the school, professional and social integration of children and youth.

  • It intervenes at all levels of the political, legislative and administrative courts to improve the material base and appropriate staffing to increase the professional competence of child protection staff.

  • Organizes documentary activities abroad, symposia, seminars and experience exchanges for management and care staff in health care institutions.

  • Organizes professional training courses (courses).

  • Publishes periodicals, flyers, leaflets, methodical notebooks, albums, calendars, agendas, etc., either in their own way or in collaboration with other non-governmental or governmental organizations.

  • Makes available the results of its own research to all educational communities.


FICE-Romania has 18 county branches and has over 7000 members and supporters, individuals (educators, teachers, psychologists, sociologists, doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc.) and institutions (colleges and universities support / social pedagogy, institutions and specialized services to public and private social protection, NGO – s).


Address:7 Valerian Prescurea Str., sector 4, 
Bucharest, Romania

Tel/Fax:(++4021) 330 08 12


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