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In Nigeria, the work is undertaken is wide and varied and includes targeted work with those aged between 3-19 years, vulnerable children who are liable to be exploited on account of their poverty and potential victims of drug abuse (5 - 16). 

Using a variety of methods to engage with them, this includes activities that support children and their families, teaching reading from early childhood, training for empowerment, seminars and workshops, and educational materials on drug abuse issue; youth development; youth empowerment; women enlightenment; youth awareness.

Pre-service training is conducted by higher education bodies and private institutions in a variety of areas which includes certificates, diplomas, national certificate of education, Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees. Diplomas are the most preferred, while the most commonly held are certificates, including the National certificate in education.

Current projects include a rural enlightenment programme designed to support parents to understand the importance of sending their children to school and engaging young people in agriculture in an effort to reduce the youth unemployment. Others are focused on the training and development of the sector, working with child street hawkers as well as youth development, youth empowerment, women enlightenment, women awareness, girl child education. All of the respondents are interested in.

Nigerian members are looking for partners who can support their work and who can also provide vocational education and training to those working in the field of child and youth care work and collaborations for funding applications.  Also, businesses who provide employment opportunities.  Please contact the FICE office for further details if this interests you.


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