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ANCES – Association Nationale des Communautés Éducatives et Sociales.

Short history: 

ANCES was founded in 1978 as the Luxembourg branch of FICE International. From the very beginning, it work was focussed on children's rights, external care and working with people with special needs. With a great deal of voluntary commitment, the association provided the initial impetus for necessary changes.



The mission of ANCES is to offer a platform for exchange in the broadest sense. Professional actors (theory and practise), political actors and users are invited to present and to discuss their perspective. The ANCES tries to stimulate the discourse in the different domains of Social Work in Luxembourg.

Main Activities

  • Constant member of the AEF Social Lab, an innovative consultation platform for the
    development of the National Framework for Child and Family Services (AEF).

  • Member of the transnational network “Schlüsselsituationen”.

  • Organizing symposiums and information events on current topics in social work and

  • Publishing periodical journal „arc – Fachmagasinn fir Pedagogik a Sozial Aarbecht



Geert van Beusekom, president

Petra Böwen, vice-president

Contact Information:



Address: 20, rue de Contern L-5955 Itzig

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