ANCES – Association Nationale des Communautés Éducatives et Sociales is founded in 1978.


The president is Charel Schmit.



The mission of ANCES is to offer a platform for exchange in the broadest sense. Professional actors (theory and practise), political actors and users are invited to present and to discuss their perspective. The ANCES tries to stimulate the discourse in the different domains of Social Work in Luxembourg.


Members of ANCES

ANCES has around 100 members – institutions and physical persons. And 17 members (board of administrators).



  • Publishing periodical journal “Archive for social work, training and education”.

  • Organizing conferences, workshops, hearings, discussions.

  • Regular contact with international NGOs (FICE-I, FICE-E, IgfH, AIFRIS, Eurochild).​


Charel Schmit (President)
Phone:++352 691 929 285 
Phone:++352 52 35 25-300

Danielle Lellinger (General secretary)
Phone:++322 660 02 83
Phone:++324 87 61 71 91

Guy Aeckerlé (Vice-president, Treasurer)

Route de Diekirch, P.O.Box /Boîte postale/Postfach 2, L-7201 Walferdange, Luxembourg