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Himaya is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2008 and officially registered in 2009.



Himaya's mission is to promote an environment suitable for the development of children and ensure their global protection via fighting and preventing abuse on Lebanese ground.


Himaya is a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to making child protection a right across Lebanon. himaya aims to break the silence and offers children the life skills they need to defend themselves. himaya also supports survivors of abuse and gives them the psychosocial support they need to overcome their experiences.

Target groups:

In order to be as effective as possible, himaya works with children, their families, and surroundings as a whole. It strives to make a change on a national level with the help of its two main programs: the prevention and resilience programs. It covers the entire Lebanese territory with offices in Zahle, Mount Lebanon, North Bekaa, Sidon and Tripoli.
- Children
- Parents
- Professionals working with children
- community based organizations
- Internal security forces
- Private sector: schools, companies etc.



- Community based prevention and response services (Case management and specialized services), for children and parents
- Development of child protection policies within institutions (medical, educational etc.)
- Development of community safe parks
- Research and development
- Reform of laws related to child protection

-Capacity building of professionals working with children 

- and others initiatives on a national level with different ministries


Team members:



Contact details:

Executive director: Serge Saad

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