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Lebanese NGO founded in 2008 and officially registered in 2009.


Short history: 

Himaya is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2009 with an organizational mission to promote global protection for children; an intricate matter that can only be ensured by the means of a multidimensional child protection strategy such as himaya’s.

By working with the child, the family and the environment as a whole, the organization strives for change on a national level in order to ensure a long-lasting impact on the lives of children in Lebanon.


To promote an environment suitable for the development of children and ensure their global protection via fighting and preventing abuse on Lebanese ground.


Making Children feel safe in a world that celebrates their rights.


Main activities:

Himaya offers complementary services including prevention and intervention, covering all areas of Lebanon including Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the North, the South and the Bekaa.

In order to achieve social change, himaya works on building awareness campaigns, creating fundraising events, legal advocacy and lobbying, in addition to building online communities on several social media platforms.

Through its Capacity Building  services himaya  strives to build the skills of professionals workingwith children, andto support organizations and institutions develop Child Protection Policies.

himaya’s activities are closely monitored and evaluated by the Quality Department to ensure that the best quality of services is provided for beneficiaries.

On the national level, himaya has become an important player in the field of child protection by networking with organizations, ministries, and various stakeholders working in the field. The organization has closely collaborated with several Lebanese ministries of which the ministry of social affairs, education, justice, interior and telecommunication. Since 2018, himaya has become the NGO mandated to handle legal protection cases of minors for the North and Bekaa governorates. 

On the international Level, Himaya became since 2018 the Lebanese International social service partner coordinating within the 100 years network of international social services (ISS) the best interest of children on the cross-border level.



Serge Saad, Executive director

Rose Habchi, Resilience Program Manager

Sima Antabli,Prevention Program Manager


Contact Information:



Address: street 58, St Rita Building 4th floor, Fanar, Lebanon 

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