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The respondents work with at-risk children and young people aged between 6 – 18 years who are in need of out-of-home care. Including young immigrant, residential and foster care are made available for all who require, as well as a wide range of therapeutic facilities and emergency centres. Offering physical and emotional therapeutic care, opportunities and corrective learning experiences are aimed at empowering the children and young people by developing their skills and capabilities, enhancing their self-image and coping abilities, and providing them with educational and social skills.

Various qualifications are available for people who want to become child and youth care professionals, ranging from Undergraduate to PhD, with the most preferred a BA in Youth Work or Social Work, or another college degree in a related field, like BA in Education and Social Studies in Ono Academic College. It is not uncommon for those working in the field not to hold a degree or qualification.

The respondents' organizations are currently involved in various projects and activities such as exchange programs with residential workers in other countries, producing Hebrew versions of international documents, providing seminars and lobbying to make pre-service training mandatory.

Israeli members are interested in international collaborations and project partnerships with other organizations around the world.  Please contact the FICE office for further details.


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