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President of FICE Israel is Prof. Emmanuel Grupper.


FICE Israel is one of the founding members of FICE International since 1949. Our main activities are to use FICE network and activities to enable Israeli residential educators at all levels to exchange knowledge with their counterparts in other countries.


Mission and Vision
FICE Israel is a national platform where residential educators, professionals, directors, academics and research people, persons involved in training and decision makers can meet without looking at their administrative or governmental affiliation. When we organize a group going for seminars or exchange program with another FICE member, we insist on having representatives from all kinds of residential models operating in Israel. Another principal is that we tried to send a youth delegation to each FICE Youth exchange.


Organization of seminars and exchange programs with other FICE members either in Israel and abroad in order to enrich the professional knowledge of our professionals and practitioners and contributing to the activities of FICE International.



The Board of FICE-ISRAEL decided to encourage membership of residential institutions. Therefore, every residential program that joins the FICE-ISRAEL National section and pays an annual fee, it enables the whole professional staff to be considered as members. In 2010 we had 60 residential programs as members, with an average of 20 staff members in each it reaches almost 1,200 residential educators who are members of FICE-ISRAEL.

We have also a status of Honorary members, among them the late Meir Gottesmann who represented Israel in FICE for many years and also Mrs. Miriam Tirosh, Zvika Hoizlich, Saul Elbaz, Alexander Shemer, and Haim Zamorzki.

Emmanuel Grupper (P);

Yoav Appelboim (vice-P);

Ron Freizler (Vice-P);

Ilana Tischler (Secretary General);

David Elbaum (Treasurer);

Lia Meron (External Affairs).



Emmanuel Grupper

E-mail: ;

Address: 21 Hamoshava Str., Hadera 3842920, Israel

Tel(M): ++972-52-6426225

Tel (H): ++972-4-6326782


Yoav Appelboim


Tel: ++972-505705251

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