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LAMP – Liberal Association for Movement of People. It was accepted by FICE as associated member in the Federal Council meeting held in Firenze, Italy in 1997. Later, it was accepted as full member in the jubilee FICE Congress in Paris on June 1998.


President of LAMP: Malay Dewanji
President of FICE India: Malay Dewanji

Short history:

It was on April 16, 1978, a meeting was held at village Rangametya, P.S. Chhatna, District – Bankura, and it was attended by 27 tribal youngmen and women of South Darakeswar area, who discussed with dedication and commitment how the socio-economic conditions of oppressed and exploited communities could be developed towards their empowerment.
In this meeting, LAMP, or elaborately speaking Liberal Association for Movement of People was formed, and it was told by its founder Malay Dewanji that “an analysis of the historic events of the world will convince us that man is the pioneer or the principal driving force behind the forward march of civilization. That is why the ideals and objectives of LAMP are to establish an egalitarian society in India, which will be pioneerd particularly by those among us who have been oppressed socio-culturally and exploited economically. Thus being inspired by the ideal of worldwide humanism, LAMP has been established in order to ensure that it can make such people aware about their rights and duties and thus inspire them in waging a relentless crusade against all sorts of injustice, oppression and exploitation so that ultimately a non-violent, decentralised and directly democratic socio-political system can be fostered.”

The organisation- LAMP- was finally registered on 10 th Januray, 1979 and gradually marched on as a non- profit, non-political and secular organisation; its mission and vision being to uplift the under-privileged. Today LAMP has widened its multifarious activities to various parts of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa and Delhi states. Truly, therefore, it has now become a national level social welfare organisation. LAMP.
LAMP is a non-profit making, non-political and secular voluntary social service organisation working for the sustainable devel-opment of the Socio-economically backward, culturally oppressed, politically under privileged and disadvantaged group of people of both rural and urban India.

The task of LAMP is easier said than done. Liberation of people of the kind that LAMP visualizes, calls for strength of mind, body and soul, and the precondition to this is to create a liberal and sustainable social situation – a society that is egaliterian economically, socially, politically, culturally and also enviromentally.

Mission: To empower the people of weaker section and improve their environment by undertaking all round sustainable and equitable action programme.

Vision: Making of an egalitarian society for equitable development of people especially women and children at risk and environment with their active participation with full strength of mind, body and soul.

– To identify the root causes of various injustices inflicted on, under-developed situations and problems faced by the target groups especially Women and Street and Working children and analysing their root causes through studies and researches in order to take necessary action against them.
– To increase the level of awareness among the activists for organising struggles to establish the rights of the Women and Street and Working Children’s action grops, Workers’ Action Groups, Coopera­tives and rights and duties of labourers in unorganised sectors.
– To take actions for the empowerment and sustainable development of the people of target groups.
– To develop scientific attitude and knowledge among the activ­ists for organising struggles to abolish superstitions, abuses etc.
– To develop leadership qualities, self-confidence, technical skills and decision-making power among the activists at both micro and macro level.
– To develop solidarity among the people of reference groups.

Main activities:

Since its inception, LAMP has been successful in spreading its development tentacles in far-flung areas in the states of West Ben­gal, Jharkhand,Orissa and Delhi, with a view to encompass larger number of needy people, especially women and children in the backward regions of India. LAMP is mainly involved with the oppressed and exploited women, street and working children, tribals, dalits and other marginalised communities, residing at both the sides of the Jamuna river in Delhi, backward areas in Kolkata, Bankura, Burdwan, Hooghly, 24-Pgs (S), Darjeeling and Purulia districts of West Bengal, in East Singhbhum and Santhal Parganas of Jharkhand and Mayurbhanj district of Orissa.

LAMP also provides expertise, support services to the grassroots level people’s action groups in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Delhi states, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.


There are 17 members of the LAMP’s Governing Body.


Malay Dewanji


Address: 66, Surya Sen Street, Kolkata -700009, India.

Tel: +91-33-22418496
Tel: +91(0)9804793466


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