HUNGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF FICE (Nevelőotthonok Nemzetközi Szövetsége Magyarországi Egyesülete)

Hungarian section of FICE was founded in 1989. The Association seeks to facilitate the development of social education including residential care.

The general purpose is to promote more effective education in family-like residential homes for the success of social reintegration of youth living in children homes.

Main activities

The Association seeks to facilitate the development of social education including residential care by:

  • organisation of international conferences and workgroups;

  • publication of relevant materials concerning contemporary problems;

  • arranging of exchanges for professional staff working on this field;

  • consulting governmental and political organisations;

  • stimulating research;

  • encouraging the exchange of ideas and the making of friendships between professional workers in the social educational field;

  • promotion of holiday camps for children and youth.​


Hungarian section of FICE has 90 institutional members with 8400 children, 400 individual and 22 honorary members and 1 honorary president.

Address:165 Hűvösvölgyi út Str.,
H-1021 Budapest, Hungary

Tel:++36 1 200 7961

NENESZ ASSOCIATION (Nevelőközösségek Nemzetközi Szövetsége a Magyar Gyermekekért) - Individual organizational member

The aim of the NENESZ association is to provide to as many children living in children’s home and their companions as possible opportunities to spend their free time usefully. The association’s target group are children living in children’s home. In Hungary there are nearly 24 000 children living in different homes across the country. 90% of these children are minors and 10% are young adults under the age of 24 being part of an adult safeguard plan (eg.: still studying). Taking in consideration  the fact that in Hungary children under the age of 12 are living in foster care, the NENESZ association reaches two third of the minors through the foster care system. Children above the age of 12 are living in children’s home and residential homes and the association maintains contact with them through the heads of institutions and educators.

President: Szántó Edina Anna



Nevelőközösségek Nemzetközi Szövetsége a Magyar Gyermekekért
NENESZ egyesület

2119 Pécel
Szondy utca 94.

Phone number: +36-30-251-06-01