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Hong Kong SAR

Name of the organization:

Therapeutic Communities Hong Kong Limited


NG Wing-yan, Winnie & Hermann Radler

Short history – when is founded, important changes, the goal, mission, vision:

Foundation: November, 2013

Important Changes:
1. Branched from Austria, Therapeutic Communities and founded in Hong Kong for extended services.
2. Planning and developing the services in Macau.

In order to build up the harmonious atmosphere and promote healthy personal growth for both children, youth and the surroundings.

Mission and Vision:
1. Statement: We act locally and think globally.
2. Rationale:
2.1 Resilience – Adjust the social problems with the focus on – Belief, Bonding and Competence.
2.2 Anti-bullying / Non-violent atmosphere – Build up the harmonious atmosphere at schools in response to the anti-bullying issues for the deprived group.

Operation – School Based Projects and Trainings:
Training Workshops

Main activities:

1. School Based Projects:
Special Educational Needs Children
Building the harmonious atmosphere and anti-bullying at schools

2. Training for professionals:
Workshop for public (by the means of Psychodrama
Research/Studies on the effectiveness in Asia (HK)

3. Training for public with the awareness of personal growth.


Membership of Helping Professionals.


Contact person: NG Wing-yan, Winine


Address: No.1, 30 Lane, 1/F Po Sheung Chuen, Sheung Shui, N.T. Hong Kong


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