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Prof. Dr. Hans-Ullrich Krause (1st chairman), Josef Koch (managing director)

The IGfH (Internationale Gesellschaft für erzieherische Hilfen) is the German national section of FICE.
The IGfH was founded in 1961 in the former West Germany – near Frankfurt/Main.


The goals of IGfH are:

  • to bring conditions and needs of young people in public education into consideration,

  • to accept the needs of children and their families without questioning them,

  • to accept various lifestyles and arrangements of individuals or groups and not to force them to one educational norm,

  • to find flexible and various solutions for children’s needs,

  • to support family education without supporting it as the only accepted setting,

  • to develop and support educative communities,

  • to support democratic structures in the area of child and youth care,

  • to support the network of professional social work and self-help groups.​

Main activities

  • The organizational approach of IGfH is to bring together various professionals in the field and to discuss issues regardless of status and institutional interests. Its intention is to find solutions and to initiate innovations in the field which are in the interest of children and youth.

  • Organization of seminars, conferences and educational trips, publishing books and a magazine („Forum Erziehungshilfen“) and doing political lobbying.​


1 600 members – private persons, administrations, and educational institutions.

Regional groups: groups of interested members who want to discuss regional specific issues with colleagues.

Topic oriented groups: groups meet twice a year and work constantly on issues in specific fields such as girls’ education, drug use and drug addiction, day care, ambulant services.

Members can be elected by the General Assembly. The meeting of the delegates decides on the activities of IGFH.


Address:Galvanistraße 30, 
D-60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Phone:++49 69 633 9860

Fax:++49 69 633 986 25

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