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Pentti Arajärvi

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Hanna Heinonen

Short history – when is founded, important changes, the goal, mission, vision:

Central Union for Child Welfare (CUCW) was founded in 1937 to promote and develop cooperation between NGOs, municipalities and state authorities in the area of child welfare. The key tasks of the CUCW are to promote the best interests of the child, to lobby in decision-making regarding children, and to bring together the child welfare expertise of various parties.

The mission of the CUCW is based on the human rights of children, above all the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. All children have the right to life, growth and development, and to participation, non-discrimination and physical integrity. The values of the CUCW are the promoting of the human dignity and rights of children, interaction, transparency, cooperation and partnership.

The CUCW focuses on three fields of activity: child and family specific child welfare, preventive child welfare, and children’s rights, child welfare policy and international child welfare work

Main activities:

  • Lobbying in legislation and decision-making, development programmes at home and abroad, participation in public debate, etc.;

  • Information and communication, including library and information service, Lapsen Maailma (Child’s world) magazine, publications, services for the media, work with interest groups, etc.;

  • Training, including the National Child Welfare Conference and the National Conference on Alternative Care, annual smaller-scale seminars and training days;

  • Development activities, including development projects to improve the professional quality of child welfare work.​

Financing of the work:
Main sources of financing: The Children’s Day Foundation and the Finnish Slot Machine Association (RAY), the annual child welfare conferences and Lapsen Maailma magazine.


92 NGOs and 37 municipalities


23 employees, of which 17 hold expert posts and 5 work in administration.


Susanna Hoikkala


Address: Armfeltintie 1, FI-00150 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358 9 3296 0202, +358 40 5081188

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