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Name of the organization:


Chairman of the Board:

Leena Laitinen

Executive Director:
Ulla Siimes

Short history – when is founded, important changes, the goal, mission, vision:

Central Union for Child Welfare, founded in 1937, is a central organization that works as an active and uniting force in matters relating to children’s rights on a national and European level. The CUCW’s members are child welfare NGOs, associations and municipalities. The CUCW’s supreme decision-making body is the General Assembly, held twice a year. It elects board members and a chairman and approves the annual report, operational plan, budget and financial statement. The board consists of the chairman and 12 members. Each member has a personal deputy. The board manages, monitors and develops organizational matters together with the executive committee which consists of the chairman of the board, one of the deputy chairmen and two board members. The executive committee prepares matters for the board and supports the work of the office, work groups and advisory boards. The responsibilities of the meeting, the board and the executive committee are stated in the rules

The mission of the CUCW is based on the human rights of children, above all the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. All children have the right to life, growth, and development, and to participation, non-discrimination and physical integrity. The values of the CUCW are the promoting of the human dignity and rights of children, interaction, transparency, cooperation, and partnership.

The CUCW focuses on three fields of activity: child and family specific child welfare, preventive child welfare, and children’s rights, child welfare policy and international child welfare work.

Central Union for Child Welfare:

·     exerts influence on legislation by issuing opinions and statements and on general attitudes by providing information and campaigning

·     improves the knowledge of professionals by organizing training and carrying out and commissioning surveys and studies

·     coordinates programs and projects

·     cooperates with member NGOs, municipalities, stakeholders

·     cooperates with the media

·     publishes Lapsen Maailma (Child’s World) magazine (Finnish only).


The CUCW is financed by the profits from The Children’s Day Foundation, operating the Linnanmäki amusement park and project funding Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) and the profits from Lapsen Maailma (Child’s World) magazine. The average annual budget is approximately EUR 3 million.




Julia Kuokkanen and Laura Holmi


Address: Armfeltintie 1, FI-00150 Helsinki, Finland

Phone:  358 (0)9 3296 011

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