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VII Seminar on Quality of Out-of-Home Care Services: Redefining Directions


24th to 27th of November 2020


In this edition, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the annual Seminar on Quality of Out-of-Home Care Services will take place remotely with the 16-hour program spread over four consecutive mornings between the 24th and 27th of November 2020 and another 12 hours of workshops in small groups.

This annual event aims to bring together national and international guests to address relevant findings from the "National Survey on Institutional and Family Out-of-home Care Services for Children during the Covid-19 Pandemic". The results will be published in a technical report and following e-book during the event. Our objective is to bring pertinent reflections on the guarantee of human rights for children in out-of-home care highlighted by Covid-19.

This survey was led by NECA, in partnership with the National Movement for the Right to Live in Family and Community and FICE Brazil between May and July this year and was answered by 41% of the total number of care services from the 5 macro-regions of Brazil.

With authorized visits suspended care services were obliged to reinvent routines in the midst of the pandemic which raised a number of rights questions and necessary recommendations that were issued during the pandemic to address the new challenges and different regional realities.

In this event the Brazilian survey hopes to promote dialogue with the International Survey carried out in 15 countries by FICE International. The VII Seminar on Quality of Out-of-Home Care Services will promote a wide debate on the results of these surveys, consider types of care services in Brazil and the regional specificities.


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