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Social Work Students International MeetUp


May 20, 2021 Online, Broadcasted from Lviv, Ukraine Ukrainian Catholic University Study Program in Social Work

Social Work Student International Meetup is an attempt to get acquainted with current developments in scientific and practical social work, research and projects performed by students, a new generation of social work professionals. Main objectives:

  • to start the international students discussion in an area of social work

  • to give a floor for the exchange of student researches’ and projects’ results

  • to еxpand students' knowledge in social work

  • to develop a decision making based on values, professional norms and a research results

  • to show a potential and increase the prestige of the profession in Social Work

  • to empower future social leaders

  • to establish academic ties

Concept of the event: Students meet-up aimed to share papers and projects in a field of social Work (Students papers presentation / Students joint conference / Social Work Show / Social Work Sharing) Social Work - The Revolution of Professional Roles has been implemented as a Students Coworking in 2018, 2019 at the state level in Ukraine at UCU. New challenges and, most importantly - response to them, have been provided that, even with closed borders, it is possible to be quite close to each other. We are happy to go to World Wide level and start a Social Work Students International MeetUp and sincerely welcome all Social Work students to take part in every possible way. Participants: Students of Social Work Program, Social Pedagogy Program and related educational programs (bachelor's and master's). Ways of participation: 1. Presentation of students research papers (up to 10 min speech for a speaker or team); 2. Presentation of projects results or practical (methodological) solutions in social work (up to 10 min speech for a speaker or team); 3. Listening to the presentations and taking part in discussion. Language: English The important value today is the possibility of intercultural and international communication, which has become much more difficult in present conditions. But thanks to technology, we have the opportunity to exchange thoughts and views, find like-minded people and become inspired by each other. Ready - REGISTRATE (it is free ;) Have any questions - contact with us: Kokoiachuk Yuliia +380977730685

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