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FICE-Bulgaria started the training course under the “Quality4Care” project

FICE-Bulgaria in partnership with IKJ Institut für Kinder- und Jugendhilfe gGmbH started the structured course “Quality of social services - theory and practice. Development of a quality management program for social services“ under the “Quality4Care” project. In view with the current pandemic situation, the partners took the dicision to realize the course completely online, due to the 5-day quarantine for people arriving to Germany from Bulgaria (the full length of the course was planned to be 5 days),

During the first training day the trainers and participants spoke about the social welfare systems in the two countries and the significance of the topic of quality in both of them.

The main trainer was TImo Hermann, quality expert at IKJ.

The training course will continue from 19 to 23 April and will be realized via Zoom.



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