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We are very happy to invite you to our next FICE CAFÈ, which will take place on Tuesday, 13th of June 2023, 14:30 - 16:00 UTC.

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You can be registered to join the meeting in this link:

The meeting will be moderated by Patrick Reason, Secretary General & FICE Brazil and will feature a brief talk with Anna Schmid , President of FICE International & FICE Schweiz.

The topic of the discussion will be: "Creating Futures. Young people and youth homes discover and develop their strengths together."

In Creating Futures, Young Experts, leaders and staff of youth homes develop organisational innovations together to better promote young people's self-empowerment: their ability to take charge of their own lives, to create their own ideas for the future and to realise them sustainably. Led by Anna Schmid, Creating Futures was co-developed by leaders, staff and more than 200 Young Experts in youth homes from Switzerland and Hungary, and successfully implemented a pioneering project under the auspices of FICE Switzerland and FICE member NENESZ (Hungary). The approach combines participation and empowerment with organisational and quality development in a novel and unique way and opens up new perspectives for residential institutions in Switzerland, Hungary and internationally.

Do not miss out on the opportunity!



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