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Anton Tobé, Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau

As president of FICE International I extend congratulations to our dear friend Anton Tobé who was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau on Tuesday, November 28, by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands in recognition of his many years of engagement for #children and #youth nationally and internationally. Anton's commitment spans many years, during which he has also been highly active in #FICEInternational and has made valuable contributions to the development of child and youth care and, thus, to the improvement of the conditions in which children and adolescents grow up.

We at FICE International may not be King, but nonetheless, a heartfelt #thankyou to you, dear Anton! Sincere #congratulations on the well-deserved honors and very best wishes to you from all of us at FICE International!

Dr.Anna Schmid, President of FICE International



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