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75th anniversary of FICE International and Jubilee FICE Serbia - "Alternative Care in 21st Century"

FICE (Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives) International is a global network of organizations and professionals in the field of child and youth care and out-of-home care from more than 20 countries. The FICE Gathering 2023, organized by FICE International and FICE Serbia, brought together experts, practitioners, and advocates from around the globe to further discuss the topic of "Alternative Care in the 21st Century." Held in Belgrade from September 18th to 21st, 2023, this event marked the efforts to redefine and improve alternative care practices for children and youth.

The FICE Gathering 2023 served for sharing alternative care solutions in the 21st century. The event aimed to explore innovative strategies, policies, and practices that can better meet the needs and aspirations of today's children and youth.

The gathering covered a wide range of themes related to alternative care, including: Family-Based Care Models, Youth Participation, Education and Skills Development, Unaccompanied Children in Transit between countries and Displaced by Conflict, supporting Caregivers and fostering Collaboration and Networking

FICE Serbia, also known as FICE SRBIJA, was the organization that made it possible to successfully hold the event. FICE Serbia is a non-governmental, nonprofit professional association dedicated to the best interests of children and families. It advocates for the respect of the "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child." FICE SRBIJA is a professional association of experts working in the social care system and in the field of child and family protection.

Finally, this year, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of FICE International. FICE Serbia celebrated its 20th-anniversary (Jubilee) from 2003 to 2023 with a conference where specialists and young people with care experience discussed "Alternative Care in the 21st Century.



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