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Call for articles in the Romanian magazine Child Social Protection

Dear Mrs./Dear Mr.,

FICE Romania (International Federation of Educational Communities, Romanian branch), a non-governmental, non-profit professional organization affiliated to ECOSOC, UNICEF and the Council of Europe, which has been working since 1990 to promote and uphold children rights in Romania, publishes the magazine Child Social Protection, the profile magazine in the pages of which have published numerous specialists in child protection, education and health (teachers, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, doctors etc.), both in the country and from abroad.

For issue 3-4 (73-74) / 2020 of the magazine we proposed the following main topic: Special and inclusive education - complexity and psycho-pedagogical individuality.

We would be particularly honored if the analyzes, researches, case studies or concerns of specialists and practitioners in the social protection services for children and young people, schools of inclusive education, special schools, county centers of resources and educational assistance or integrative schools (teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, sociologists, other specialists) would be published in this issue of the journal Child Social Protection.

We look forward to your contributions at, (Dr. Eugen Simion - Secretary General of the editorial office) or (Associate Professor, Dr. Ionela Roxana Urea - responsible for this issue), until 20 November 2020.

The articles should be between 5-10 pages (2500 - 5000 words), will contain an abstract of 4-5 paragraphs (150-200 words) in English as well as a number of 4-5 keywords, in Romanian and English. The editing of the articles will be done in A4 format, one line, aligned text, justify, Times New Roman 12, mandatory with diacritics.

The title, in Romanian and English, will be written in capital letters, TNR, 14 Bold, centered, under the title, twice, write (with TNR 12) the name of the author / authors and the institution and the bibliography, APA style (author, year appearance, title, place of publication, publisher), is mentioned at the end of the article.


Prof. Toma Mares

President, FICE Romania

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