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Special issue of CYC-Online with articles from the 34th FICE Congress!

We are excited to announce that papers from the FICE 34th Congress in Israel - "Better Future Opportunities for Children and Young People in Multicultural Societies", are published in the CYC-Online Journal, Issue no. 259!

The Editorial Board has decided to divide the contributions into three thematic categories: Innovative programs in child and youth care in various countries, care leavers, and residential staff related issues. Altogether there are 8 contributions involving authors from 6 different countries: Austria, Australia, Israel, Latvia, Netherlands, and Scotland.

The 34th World Congress of FICE-International took place in Tel Aviv, Israel in October 2019. The theme chosen for the congress is very relevant to societies all over the world, which are becoming more and more multicultural. The challenge of our time is to guarantee "Better Future Opportunities for Children and Young People in Multicultural Societies". The Congress was hosted in the Campus of the Ono Academic College near Tel Aviv. It was organized by FICE-Israel national section, together with a large group of civil society organizations and governmental agencies active in Israel in the field of education and care for children and young people who need specialized services, both in out-of-home care and in community-based programs. This group of volunteers joined forces to meet the challenge and made the FICE 34th Congress a success.

Congress participants included over 520 professionals, both field workers, academics and researchers, directors of residential homes and decision makers, children and parents of children in care, from almost 40 different countries. Altogether they formed a genuine community who for exchange of knowledge and to learn from each other.

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