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Webinar: Responding to the transnational needs of Care Leavers amidst COVID-19 Date: June 6, 2020 Ti

Webinar: Responding to the transnational needs of Care Leavers amidst COVID-19

Date: June 6, 2020

Time: 2 PM IST

The onslaught of COVID-19 and its consequences has been unprecedented. With the current nationwide lockdown across countries, the health crisis is taking the shape of a human rights crisis that is unimaginable at this point of time. There is enough evidence to suggest that the children, women and youth are the most affected by such crisis and especially the vulnerable groups which experience exacerbated vulnerabilities.

As with many young adults, care leavers (youth exiting Alternative Care settings) will be vulnerable to financial insecurity due to precarious employment and the gig economy. However, some care leavers are at significantly higher risk because they may not have the back-up of family or friends that are able to help. The impact of social isolation and the understandable increased levels of anxiety surrounding the virus will exacerbate care leavers’ vulnerability to mental-health difficulties. The online world will be a lifeline to combat loneliness and keep care leavers connected to practitioners for vital help.

The welfare system is also changing in response to need and the government have pledged support to people effected. However, these welfare systems are also experiencing significant delays due to unprecedented demands. Care leavers might require urgent financial help and guidance and systems need to recognise their vulnerability and ensure their concerns are adequately addressed and they feel supported.

The organizing committee of the 1st International Care Leavers Convention is organizing a webinar with Care Leavers from different countries to discuss the support required by Care Leavers to plan a response to mitigate the impact of COVID crisis on the lives of Care Leavers. The webinar will host participatory and interactive small group discussions with young people around key themes such as Access to education, Financial support and social security, Psychosocial care needs of Care Leavers, etc.

The webinar will also provide opportunity for young people to socialize with fellow Care Leavers from different countries in a safe virtual space.

This webinar will be of interest to young people/care leavers from across the globe. Please register for the webinar here.

We hope to see you there!

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