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The International Child and Youth Care week - day 1

The International Child and Youth Care week

May 4-10, 2020, is International Child and Youth Care week. During this week we celebrate the valuable contribution of Child and Youth Care Practitioners to the lives of children, youth, families, and communities.

Child and Youth Care Practitioners provide therapeutic care to the most vulnerable of our children, and youth - those who have been neglected, abandoned, sexually, physically and emotionally abused, severely traumatized, or who experience developmental challenges or mental health issues. Many of these young people are ‘in care’ of the social service system because they are unable to live at home with family at this point in their lives.

Throughout this pandemic Child and Youth Care Practitioners have continued to work (whether in a treatment centre, group home, emergency placement home, shelter, or other setting), keeping children and youth safe and providing ongoing care and support. They have been the stable, constant presence for young people whose short lives have already been disrupted more than enough, instilling hope, dealing with crisis, calming those who are anxious and encouraging those who have withdrawn. They are the hidden, often unacknowledged, essential workers.

During this special week we recognize the commitment of these unsung heroes to young people, even though their commitment puts them at personal risk. We pay tribute to Child and Youth Care Practitioners around the world and celebrate their contribution to making our world a better place.

A video with the NACCW/FICE South Africa Patron, Dr. Don Materra, stating his famous quote: “On your marks, get set, ready, but before you go, turn around to see who you can take with you.”

Official poster of the initiative:

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