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FICE Romania (International Federation of Educational Communities - Romania Section) is a professional non-profit organization, established in 1990 and its main mission is to protect and promote the rights of the child in Romania. It is a national section member of FICE International, а non-governmental organization affiliated with UNESCO, ECOSOC, European Union.

FICE Romania is based in Bucharest, Romania, tel. (0040) 213300812; (0040) 722464638, e-mail, web page

19 Days campaign to prevent abuse and violence against children and young people 2019 was carried out under the high patronage of the Senate of Romania (Commission for European Affairs) and in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of the Child and Adoption, the National Anti-drug Agency, which created the framework of active involvement in the prevention of abuses and violence of any kind against children and young people for local communities, ministries, schools, kindergartens, centers for children and young people, children's clubs, day centers etc.

Central institutions and bodies involved in carrying out the Campaign

  • Ministry of National Education, Str. General Berthelot 28-30, Sector 1, 010168, Bucharest, phone: 021 / 405.62.00; 021 / 405.63.00, site:

  • The Magazine Tribuna Învățământului - Bucharest, Bd. Metalurgiei, no. 32-44, sector 4, postal code 041831,

  • National Authority for the Protection of Children Rights and Adoption, Bulevardul Gheorghe Magheru, no. 7, Sector 1, Bucharest, postal code 010322, tel: 021315.36.33, 021-315.36.30, 021-310.07.89, Fax: 021-312.74.74, E-mail:

  • Association of Communes of Romania, AcoR, with headquarters in Bucharest, str. Gral Constantin Coandă, no. 18, PC 010406, tel./fax 0213119969, e-mail

  • Radio Romania, Romanian Broadcasting Society, Bucharest, str. General Berthelot, 60-64, tel 0213031777, e-mail:

  • National Agency against Trafficking in Persons, Str. Ion Câmpineanu, no. 20, et. 5, sector 1, Bucharest, tel: 021 311 89 82, 021 313 31 00, fax: 021 319 01 83, E-mail:, web page: http: // www.

  • National Anti-drug Agency, Bulevardul Unirii, no. 37, bl. A4, Sector 3, Bucharest, postal code 030823, phone: 021 3233030/21701, 21712, 021 318 4400, fax 021 3166727, e-mail:

  • Association of the Directors of the General Directorates of Social Assistance Child Protection (AD-DGASPC)

  • International Anti-Drug Alliance (AIN)

In September 2019, FICE Romania transmitted throughout the country the call for association to the campaign and concluded partnerships with the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Anti-Drug Agency, the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons and the Ministry of Health. At regional and local level, with their decentralized structures (school inspectorates, general directions for social assistance and child protection, public health departments, county police inspectorates, county drug evaluation and counseling centers, regional centers against human trafficking, etc. ) as well as with other institutions and NGOs.

Following the conclusion of the protocol, the Ministry of National Education sent the methodological guide for carrying out the 19 Days Campaign, the registration form for the campaign, the visual materials helping to all the 41 county school inspectorates and 6 school inspectorates of the sectors of the municipality of Bucharest, their schools inspecting, information and request to participate in the campaign to all schools in the country.

Both nationally and in the localities participating in the campaign, the purpose and objectives of the campaign were presented through the media (print media, central or local television stations, on social networks - facebook, twitter).

The themes of all 19 Days Campaign covered sexual abuse, bullying, neglect and exploitation of children, physical abuse (corporal punishment), child prostitution and child pornography, trafficking in children, traditional harmful practices, street children, substance abuse and addiction (addiction), juvenile justice, special attention being paid to November 2, November 19 (International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse) and November 20 (International Day of Children Rights).

Direct and indirect beneficiaries of the campaign The direct beneficiaries are students from schools, children's clubs, placement centers as well as coordinating teachers.

Indirect beneficiaries are schools, parents and local communities, who will have children with greater capacity for social integration, more protected from the destructive phenomenon of abuse and violence of any kind.

The experience gained since 2012, when FICE Romania participated for the first time in the 19 days Campaign of prevention carried out by WWSF, helped us to improve our capacities to attract new institutions, schools and local communities within the campaign.

More than 285,000 students from over 1000 schools from all the counties of Romania and Bucharest participated in the 2019 campaign (we attach the list of schools participating in the Campaign).

Also, more than 35,000 teachers, psychologists, policemen, social workers, journalists, doctors and parents participated.

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