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FICE International General Assembly and Federal Council

On 28 October, FICE International carried out its General Assembly and Federal Council meeting in Ben Shemen Youth Village in Israel. A total of 30 participants from more than 15 countries took part. 

According to the Statutes of the organization, the General Assembly meets once in 3 years (together with the FICE Congresses) in order to elect a new president. Although, due to the insufficient number of candidacies, the General Assembly had to vote whether the current co-presidency of Rolf Widmer (Switzerland) and Emmanuel Grupper (Israel) to be continued for another year. 

The members of the General Assembly members voted for the joint presidency to be continued until May next year, when an extraordinary General Assembly will meet in Belgrade, Serbia to elect the next president of the organization. 

The co-presidents presented their ideas for maintaining the stability of the organization in this one-year period and fostering the development of a new and modern organizational structure. In this regard, the co-presidents have promised to support the working group "Quo Vadis" that was started in the beginning of 2019 by a group of volunteers among FICE members.

Furthermore, the co-presidents will support the continuing development of the existing continental networks - FICE Europe and FICE Africa, as well as the consolidation of FICE North America and possibly the establishment of other regional platforms, for example in Latin America and Asia. 

In terms of partnerships, FICE International will continue to work together with SOS Children's Villages International on several projects. SOS Children's Villages International and SOS Children's Villages Regional Office in Asia were represented at the FICE General Assembly and Federal Council.

A presentation of the next FICE Congress (Senegal, 2022) was carried out by Mr. Djibril Fall, president of FICE West Africa. 

The Executive Committee and members of FICE International would like to express their sincere gratitude to Dr. Ilana Tischler, General Director of the Ben Shemen Youth Village for hosting this event!

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