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”19 Days Campaign to Prevent Abuse and Violence against Children and Young People” in Romania

”19 Days Campaign to Prevent Abuse and Violence against Children and Young People” in Romania

FICE Romania (International Federation of Educational Communities, Romania Section) represents Romania in the International Campaign ”19 Days of Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children and Young People”, initiated by the Women's World Summit Foundation (WWSF) Geneva, in the context of the International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse (November 19) and the International Children's Rights Day (November 20).

The objective of this campaign is to achieve the targets set by the United Nations in 2015 through the Sustainable Development Program by 2030, in which the reduction of violence and child abuse, including the prevention of human trafficking or drug abuse among children and young people, occupies an essential place.

WWSF's proposed annual themes for campaigning in 2011 such as corporal punishment (physical abuse), sexual abuse and child pornography, addiction and prevention of drug use among children and young people, harmful traditional practices, children involved in armed conflicts , neglect, bullying or harassment in the school environment, malnutrition, prevention of the child exploitation and young people, street children, etc., were addressed by FICE Romania in line with the specific situations and phenomena facing education, child protection , the family in our country.

FICE Romania launched the 2018 edition of the campaign through an analysis of the phenomenon of violence at the level of the younger generation, which was presented and debated in the meeting "Combating and Preventing Violence in the Romanian Educational System", organized in partnership with the magazine Tribuna Invatamantului (The Tribune of Education) and in collaboration the Association of Romanian Communes, the National Federation of Parents Associations in Pre-university Education, the Association of the Directors of the General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection and the National Anti-Drug Agency, which took place on Thursday, October 25, at the headquarters of the National Anti-Drug Agency in Bucharest.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Bucharest Municipality Police Office, the Bucharest School Inspectorate and several County School Inspectorates, the local public administration, the General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection, teaching staff in the pre-university education, teachers and researchers from the academia, parents, pupils, the media as well as other specialists concerned with knowing, fighting and preventing the phenomenon of violence against minors.

The Debate on Combating and Preventing Violence in the Romanian Educational System is the first activity in the campaign "19 Days to Prevent Abuses and Violence against Children and Young People", 2018. The campaign involves the organization, especially in schools, of actions aimed at changing behavior to educate and mobilize pupils and teachers in educational establishments, various civil society organizations and partners, to prevent all forms of child abuse.

Among the activities that will take place this year in the campaign are work-shops, posters, collages on issues related to the prevention of abuses, designing letters, thematic essays that children will pass to local authorities, drawings that highlight children's anti-gravity messages, media projects, movies and clips with annoying messages, meetings with specialists - doctors, psychologists, sociologists, policemen, etc.

The event was presented by the AGERPRES Press Agency as well as by the publication of the Union of Journalists in Romania, UZR.

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