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International Talent Management Program International Voting

Dear FICE members,

The NENESZ Association in Hungary, member of FICE International, has been organizing talent development and management programs and competitions for years, offering opportunities for disadvantaged children, adolescents and young adults to develop and present their talents. Our target groups are children living in children's homes or foster families, we also focus on children who are in the child protection system but living with their families.

The idea of „Varazscsepp”-„Magical drop” Talent Competition was created by Dr. Herczeg Krisztián, Vice President of NENESZ and director of Cseppkő Children's Home in Budapest, in 2011. Until now, 8 competitions have been held and „Varazscsepp”-„Magical drop” has been recognized internationally, we had competitors from Slovakia, and this year we received two videos from a Brazilian children’s home. A great deal of work and perservance has led to this reputation. From the beginning, the results have confirmed the high relevance of the talent development for disadvantaged children.

NENESZ wants to create an international talent management movement. The first step is to create a web site where a young person living in the world, can present their talent. In order to increase the excitement at the same time, we are also announcing international voting, so we would like to boost their motivation and recognition.

We invite each member of FICE International to participate with up to 3 Youtube video links that showcase a talented young person or group of young persons from children’s homes, foster families or other form of care. The videos should be uploaded by adults (social pedagogues, carers or mentors of the children). In the following categories:

  • Music

  • Dancing

  • Sport

  • Other (individual or group projects presenting some sort of art)

Process and deadline of application

Please send the YouTube video links to, maximum 3 YouTube videos are allowed. The deadline of application is 30th September 2018.

Internet access to publication and international voting

More information:

In English: Ágnes Hegedüs (

In Hungarian: Tamás Gősi (

International voting

After submitting videos and uploading them to the site, you can vote for each production from October 15, 2018. Anyone who would like to vote needs to register in order to vote by pressing the "Enter to vote" button. After giving general information (name, e-mail address), the vote can be accepted. With one registration you can vote for one production! We are looking for the best among the best!


The applicants who reach the top three votes will receive an international recognition diploma and gift bag with small souvenirs and delicacies from Hungary.

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