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Summer international camp for children and youth in care took place in the Czech Republic



Recreation area “Zátiší” that lies in Liberec region, close to the town Hamr na Jezeře (Česká Lípa county) will be filled up especially by children for thirteen days in July. Almost one hundred and twenty children accompanied by tutors from five Europian countries come the very first day of summer holidays to the summer camp for children and youth from children's homes. Besides children from the Czech Republic there were traditionally also children from Slovakia, Poland and Croatia.

It is an extraordinary achievement within a Europe totally unique to its specific focus and range. All this is thanks to its organizers – Knihtly Order of St. Wenceslas who had been organizing this camp for the twenty-second time. It is an international non-governmental organization associating Catholics. This year is the second time that a club of friends of children from children's homes is very much involved in organizing this summer international camp.

Besides the common entertainment and games, the third year of the Summer Sports Olympics is waiting for the participants of the international camp that takes place in new sports complex of the Polish im. Janusza Koreczak´s children´s home in Zgorzelec. The director of the children´s home who is also a member of the Knights' Order of St. Wenceslas and his co-workers prepared for children and youth not only a rich sports program but also tasty snacks and refreshment.

An inspiring lecture focused on nature protection as well as an effective way to prevent damaging nature is also a part of the program of the summer international camp. The organizers of the camp, with the help of lecturers, prepared in addition further lectures with an important focus on financial literacy.

The summer international camp for children and youth of children's homes will also open to the public. It happened on Wednesday 11 th July 2018 from 11 AM in the “Zátiší” area. This “open door day” offered the best the children and young people can present - a varied mix of different skills, including cultural performances that will bid for our favor.

Children and teenagers from children's homes deserve the attention of all of us for sure, including the general public. The more interest and attention than the less that they get from their own biological parents. These kids are not different from other children they just had “bad luck”.

And in any case, it affected their lives. Let us therefore give them a chance to show what is good in them.

What can we do for children and youth from children's homes right now and right here? Little thing: to work together to meet their joy and sorrows and to accept their sincere invitation to such an exceptional visit without hesitation!

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