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„SOUND AND PICTURE” International Photo Contest 2018


International Photo Contest 2018

The Hungarian Directorate-General For Social Affairs And Child Protection - Division Of Social Relations is organizing an international contest, called „SOUND AND PICTURE”.

Call for Application

What visions come to your mind while listening to your favorite music? What kind of sounds reveals an image in you? Should you feel inspired to picture a nice melody or just feel like setting a vision to music, then register!

For our photo contest called “Sound and Picture” we are awaiting "soundillustrations”, which reflect on the thoughts and ideas of the artists related to the chosen music. The inspiring melody might origin from any era or continent, its style is not specified, though it should be a certain piece of music. We kindly ask you to highlight the title of the melody and the name of the composer or performer in the title of your work. Important is that the photo should be about its creator, the selfexpression will be revealed in the photos.

Under the patronage of: István Benedek Directorate-General General-Directorate for Social Affairs and Child Protection

Who can apply?

All the social and child care receivers of the Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection in Hungary or of its partner countries, who have passed the age of 10 years, can apply in 2 categories.


1. 10-18 year olds

2. above 18 years

About the photos:

- You can take the photos with professional, semi-professional, amateur camera or also with mobile phones.

- You can send maximum 2 color or black and white photos in JPG format.

- In case of photos taken by mobile phone you shall shoot them at the highest possible resolution.

- In case of photos taken by digital camera the minimum resolution shall be 2816×1880 pixel, maximum 5MB and in 3:2 aspect ratio.

- By the digitization of analog photos the print quality shall be minimum 200 DPI.

- The subsequent amendments and any modification of the photos (e. g. coloring, montage etc.) by Photoshop, Illustrator, Instagram or similar photo editor programs are not allowed (minor editing, cutting of the image, color correction, monochrome conversion, contrast and lightening does not constitute a subsequent amendment).

- The photos should reflect the character and mood of the music piece, express the ideas of the creator

How to apply:

- Each (residential or foster) home selects the entries that meet the requirements, considering the topic of the contest, creativity and technique.

- Each (residential or foster) home summarize the entries in the attached table.

The photo series should be sent in electronic form together with the completed table to the E-mail address: The photos can be sent also on cd or USB to the address: HU-1132 Budapest, Visegrádi St. 49.

- Please send the photos as named files like: name_surname_city_country_name_of_composer/performer_titel_of_music

- Deadline for submission: 31 August, 2018

- Announcement of results: 15 September, 2018

- Scheduled awards ceremony and exhibition (for the best 50-60 projects) opening in Budapest: 3 October, 2018


- One photo camera per category for the first place.

- In addition, on the basis of the decision of the professional jury, a second, third and a special prize will be distributed in each category. The winner photos and the best projects will be visible to the public at temporary exhibitions: in the Budapest Art Brut Gallery in Budapest, the Premier Kult Café, at the headquarter building of the Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection and also on the Contest’s website.

Terms and conditions:

- For the appropriate promotion of the exhibition and contest the pictures are free to use without copyright enforcement (CD, press, TV etc.)

- The winner applicants agree to the appearance of the images on calendars, other printed materials and on the website of the DG SACP (indicating the author’s name).

- The participants of the competition give consent to taking photos of them and their works on the awards ceremony. - Participants give their consent - based on Article 5 (1)(a) of Act CXII of 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and the freedom of information - by applying for the competition to the processing of their personal data to the organizers of the tender.

- Submissions are accepted only by properly completed registration form.

- The authors by sending their photos take note of the conditions of the contest. - The jury’s decision is final and cannot be disputed.

- The applicant’s responsibility is that his/her project does not violate the privacy or other rights of third parties.

- The application for the contest is free! Further information: Zsofia Szőnyi, International Relations DG SACP - Division of Social Relations E-mail: Phone: +36-70-9033473

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