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„ The (healing) power of sports” project 2018

The National Association of Educational Communities for the Hungarian Children (NENESZ Association) and the Island of Hope Sports Association(Reménysziget Sports Association) jointly announce an open call for the projects under the name of "The (healing) power of sport".

The subject:

  • Why is sport important for children in social care and in child protection sections?

  • What kind of help can be given to educators, nurses, caregivers, and those who are in care systems?

Suggested topics: health benefits (reduction of stress level, cognitive functions, mental disorders), positive influence on behavior and socializing skills, relief from dependence, helps building self-confidence.

We are looking forward to positive and instructive essays or professional discussions, with focus on sport as a beneficial force.

Applicants' circle:

18 years or older, who are currently working (or previously have worked) in childcare or as social care staff, or as foster parents, in Hungary or abroad.

Application Criteria:

We look forward to original works that are of aesthetic value, which previously has not been published neither electronically nor in a printed version. A competitor may apply in more than one subject, each submission should be 20,000 characters or less.

Decision and evaluation:

Among the highest rated works, a professional jury commissioned by NENESZ will select the prizes by 31 August 2018. The jury will also make recommendation for selection of entries for publication by NENESZ.

Valuable prizes for Hungarian and foreign competitors.

Date of announcement:

Jun 01, 2018

Deadline for submission of applications:

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How to apply:

The application is to be submitted electronically. The name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the author should accompany the work (Appendix 1 - Application Form) and statement that the application has not yet been published and later on can be used by the NENESZ and the Reménysziget Sports Association for publishing (Annex 2 - Declaration).

Electronic form of submission:

· Email address:

· The works should be saved under the „name_essay.docx” format (for example: JohnSmith_TitleofEssay.docx); the Entry Form and the Declaration should be submitted as PDFs.

· In the Email Subject field, please indicate: "The (healing) power of sports, tender 2018"

Terms and Conditions of Participation:

- for the proper propagation of the materials, the works can be used free of charge by NENESZ, without any copyright violation (CD, press, TV, etc.)

- the application will be accepted only with a completed entry form

- the non-acceptance of the terms automatically excludes the applicant from the process

- by submitting an application the authors accept these terms and conditions

- the author / applicant is responsible for ensuring that his / her application does not violate any third party's personality or other rights

- creators of winning entries agree to assist in publication of their work, in print and on our website (including names of the authors)


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