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In memoriam: Felix Mwale

FICE International and FICE Africa mourn the loss Felix Mwale, FICE Zambia Born 3rd January 1961 – 2nd April, 2018

"All things are possible “ Felix Mwale

Organisation: FICE ZAMBIA and Zambia Association of Child and Youth Care Workers Was Co-coordinator for the Anglican Evangelical Ministries. He was one of the first founders of the Anglican Evangelical Ministries. His calling was in rural evangelism, Anointed in Healing and deliverance. He was involved in financial resource mobilization. He had rich experience in working with children on the street and vulnerable families. He was a Master Trainer and experienced child and youth care worker, provided technical support to many stakeholders on child protection and contributed to policy developments. He was the Executive Director for Zambia Association of Child Care Workers. He was very committed and passionate to work and changing vulnerable groups lives. As a founding member and Chair of ZACCW, he contributed immensely for the development of FICE-Zambia and was at the forefront towards the formation of FICE-Africa.

Years in the field: 20

1. What helps you cope with the stress, challenges and difficult individual life stories you meet in your work and have met during the years? As a trainer in Trauma and Stress management, I do encourage myself off days to reduce stress. I do a lot of play therapy with children. 2. What inspires you to continue the struggle for children’s rights? (do you have a personal motto) I have always believed that All things are Possible. 3. What is the biggest change you see for children and youth in your country/area during this time?

Determination and ability to strive in times of troubles. HIV/AIDS has impacted most children but despite that once counseled they tend to strive. Their resilience is very good. 4, What are your top 3 advices for someone who wants to make a difference and contribute to change the situation for vulnerable children? Children have the potential to change their lives once assisted to do so. Treat children as you treat yourself then one will impacted their lives. Build confidence in young people so at to promote resilience in their lives so that they can strive in times of difficulties

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