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‘I remember… - 2017’

FICE International member NENESZ from Hungary announces a call for ‘I remember… - 2017’ to create memorandums.

Theme of the works:

- experiences and stories during the years spent in child protection or social care, which can be instructive and thought-provoking for others. The creator can express stages of his/her life, a certain occurrence, relationships, living conditions, plans in the light of the past and present or any interesting life happening which is deserved to be told in this genre.

Applicants: Adults (over 18 years old) grown up in child protection or social care in Hungary or over the borders.

Criteria: Writings having the right aesthetic value, which have never been published either printed or electronically. An applicant can have several applications up to 20.000 characters.

Decision and evaluation: Among the writings with highest points the professional jury chooses the winners until 16. September 2017. From the received and recommended writings NENESZ is going to publish an individual booklet.

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