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Lifetime Achievement Awards of the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice

During the 33rd FICE Congress, the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice gave its Lifetime Achievement Awards with the aim to acknowledge CYC professionals who have made significant contributions to the development of CYC practice and the CYC field. The award went to two outstanding and experienced child and youth care professionals – Dr. Carol Kelly and Dr. Dale Curry. The awards were presented by Sister Madeline Rybicki, President of the Academy of Child and Youth Care Professionals.

Carol Kelly is Professor Emeriti in Child and Adolescent Development at the California State University. She is a member of the FICE-USA advisory board and also the representative of FICE USA in the FICE Federal Council. She has been the Co-director of North America International Conference Educators Day many times. She participated actively in the establishment of the Martha Mattingly Scholarship and is currently the Chair of the scholarship Committee. She has provided leadership in two major California State University Northridge (CSUN) and community programs: The Peace Expo and Child Labor. She has received many awards, which reflect her devotion to making our world a better place for children and youth, such as CSUN teacher of the year award; CSUN Mentoring award; CSUN Alumni Dean Peckham award; FICE-Romania Medal of Honor; Ohio Woman’s Hall of Fame.

*Photo taken by Reyna Taylor, USA representative in the International Youth Exchange “Be the Change”(Vienna, 2016) and grand daughter of Carol.

Dr. Dale Curry is Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Kent State University. He is currently the director of the International Institute for Human Service Workforce Research and Development as well as Board member of various child and youth care organizations. He has authored approximately 125 publications and serves as the editor of Training and Development in Human Services and co-editor of the Journal of Child and Youth Care Work.

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