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General Assembly of FICE International

On 21st August, FICE International’s General Assembly elected a new president of the organization. The two candidates, Rolf Widmer and Hermann Radler, both outstanding professionals, experienced in the field of child and youth care and international organizations, had presented their ideas for the future development of FICE at the Federal Council in Almelo, Netherlands, April, 2016. After a disputed vote it became clear that the new president of FICE International is Hermann Radler, current president of FICE Austria and vice-president of FICE Europe.

The General Assembly of FICE International voted on granting full membership of some associted members. The following associated members of the organization were granted full membership: West African Network; FICE Zambia and FICE Hong Kong.

After the important votes in the General Assembly, the members of the Federal Council met chaired by the newly elected president. A decision was taken that the Federal Council meetings will be once in a year. The next meeting will take place in Kenya.

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