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Quality framework for prevention of sexual abuse in youth care

Quality framework for prevention of sexual abuse in youth care, developed in the Netherlands

In The Netherlands we had the commission Samson in 2012 and 2013 with the task from the government to find out how many children were victim of sexual abuse in out-of-home-care since 1945. The commission also gave advice to the government how to prevent sexual abuse in youth care. A big research project, with shocking results was initiated. The advices from the commission leaded to a report with advices and a quality standard. This Dutch quality standard is now available in English.

One of the advices was to make a policy how to deal with sexuality in out-of-home-care, also about normal sexual behavior. Another important advice was about professionalism of social workers. At this moment a lot of institutions are being audited. The audit commission is positive about the way the theme is on the agenda and the steps in implementation that are made.

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