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FICE Africa celebrates Child and Youth Care (CYC) Week

What started as a small group of African countries using the FICE International platform to collaborate has shown some tremendous growth in the past two years. Zambia, Kenya and South Africa followed up in the resolution taken at the FICE International Congressin 2010 held in South Africain Cape Town – Stellenbosch and started a FICE Africa Chapter. It is now over two years since the first meeting was held. The meetingc ommitted to creating networks across Africa and support actions for those working with vulnerable children on prevention and early intervention through the exchange of skills and knowledge

It is with excitement that International CYC week will for the first time be celebrated by the active member countries of FICE Africa who have grown to include:Ghana, Ethiopia, and Lesotho.The celebration of CYCW Week is a re-commitment of the FICE Africa members to work together to address the plight of children in Africa. We believe that it is networks FICE Africa celebrates Child and Youth Care (CYC) Week such as this that will connect Africa and encourage governments and NGOs to work together in the best interests of our children. While CYCW Week celebrates and recognizes the progress that the world continues to make in upholding the rights of children, it also salutes the child and youth care workers and other professionals who are dedicating their efforts and resources to improving the lives of many children. Africa, through FICE Africa,commits to exploring and piloting relevant models that contextually responds to the needs of our children and youth in the continent and the world. We commit to developing the child and youth care work profession on the continent. FICE Africa will hold its next meeting at the FICE International Congress to be held in Vienna on 22nd to 25th August 2016.

For more information on the work done by members of FICE Africa visit:

by Donald Nghonyama

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