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PROMOTING THE DIGNITY AND WORTH OF PEOPLE Good Examples from European Social Work By Kerstin Svensson

This report is the result of the joint efforts of the ENSACT partners, who worked togetherto collect the contributions from all over Europe. It aims to contribute to a betterunderstanding of the good practices that are taking place all over Europe to promote thedignity and worth of people. The report will also serve as the European input for the GlobalAgenda Observatory report.The report is based on examples of projects in social work that promote the dignity andworth of people. The examples were given by voluntary contributors who recognised theirpractice as a good example worth sharing. There were more than 30 examples submittedfrom 16 countries, while more organisations and countries were involved in the activitiespresented.The emphasis in the given examples could be summarised as follows: Respect, Awareness,Perspectives, Facilitation and Partnership. The examples are stories about understanding andrespecting the perspectives of people who live under hard circumstances. There is an aim topromote better lives for people, either by direct interventions, or indirectly through raisingawareness and added perspectives for social work students, practitioners and even thegeneral public. Irrespective of the form of the action, the descriptions can both inspire andbe transferred to and used in other contexts.Promoting the dignity and worth of people is one of the core issues in social work. Throughthe given examples we see the enhancement of the importance of regarding people as people, notas roles or representatives of categories.The digital version of this report at includes links to all the materials received.

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