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News and updates from FICE SERBIA

12/13/21, 2:22 PM
News and updates from FICE SERBIA

News and updates from 


Despite the challenging social circumstances in Serbia, since March last year, regarding  Covid-19, FICE Serbia has persisted in the implementation of the planned activities. Since the very beginning of the year, FICE Serbia implemented its regular program of activities such as:

  • Main Board Meeting, with discussion and planning activities for 2021,

  • Preparation of Annual reports and their distribution  to members,

  • Leading the 18-months Project”Development of CHAT Counseling Service for Children and  Youth” as a co-partner with the FICE Serbia member Center for protection of Children from Belgrade and supported by the UNICEF office in Serbia.

Many FICE Serbia members(professionals in institutions) were infected by COVID-19, and the circumstances in the institutions and alternative care centers were under big pressure. However, since the end of May 2021, the situation in the society has improved and  FICE Serbia members were able to realize numerous planned activities in 2021.

  • Implementation of the new FICE Serbia Policy related to the prevention and protection of children and youth from all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse

An expert team from FICE Srbija with the support of UNICEF as a partner organization, created a document concerning the implementation of ZERO TELOLERANCE Policy related to Sexual Exploitation of children and youth. The General Assembly voted and accepted the policy and it is now incorporated in the mission and vision statement of the organization.

This is especially important because the topic concerns all employees in the field of child and youth care work.

  • Implementation of the PRIDE Model  in practice in Serbia (Parental Resources for Information, Development and Education), through trainings organized for members of the Chamber of social Protection in Serbia

More than 40 professionals from the Centers for social work, Centers for adoption and foster care, and those who are providing services in local communities were trained in basic skills for understanding and implementing PRIDE model in practice.

  • Organization of the Annual experts gathering of FICE Serbia was named:


The theme  was connected to sexual exploitation and abuse of children and youth. It is still necessary to educate the members, but the goal was achieved. A brief theoretical instruction, and a short basic training, as well as the possibility for members to be active in the creative promotion of the theme itself was remarkable. The members created a Flier, a radio Jingle and Video spot related to the theme.

Because the theme was difficult, the participants had the opportunity to improve their capacities and learn how to cope with burnout syndrome. A short set of stress relieve exercises, as well as a short excursion gave the participants some new  energy and helped them find new motivation to work with hardest challenges in their daily work.

  • Organization of the General Assembly of “FICE Srbija”

The General assembly was organized as a live event. Some decisions were made and proposals adopted. More than 40 participants agreed that FICE Serbia is the only organization where they can speak freely about their difficulties as well as their success stories. The evaluation showed that the event was excellent.

  • On the regional and international level FICE Serbia took part in the two important Conferences related to Alternative Care in Europe

The Conference on  “Children in Kinship Care” was held on August 25th -26th  in a hybrid format-online, organized by the European Network of PRIDE trainers in the Check Republic.  Master PRIDE  Trainers from  FICE Serbia, together with colleagues from North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, prepared together  and presented the topic Balkan countries and KINSHIP CARE as well as the Workshop Adam's case –  Kinship care and its perspectives

  • Last, but not least, FICE Serbia  collaborated with NENESZ, an NGO from Hungary and  a member of FICE International, with the aim of exchanging professional experiences and strengthening the cooperation between the two organizations  in the future.

NENESZ invited FICE Serbia to take part in the European event “Care, Family, Future Conference” which was held in Budapest on September 28th. Dr Anna Smidt from FICE Switzerland, was present and managed to exchange some information with the FICE Serbia representatives about news and updates at FICE International.

The great hospitality by the hosts - Cseppkő Children’s Home, had some important outcomes and FICE Serbia made plans for further collaboration with them.

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