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News and updates from FICE Bulgaria

12/13/21, 2:40 PM
News and updates from FICE Bulgaria

News and updates from FICE Bulgaria

Project “Perseverance, Determination, Values”

funded by the Tsotsorkov Foundation

FICE Bulgaria is in the final phase of implementing the project “Perseverance, Determination, Values” funded by the Tsotsorkov FoundationThe project aims to provide support to pedagogical specialists working with children and parents in their efforts to improve children’s social-emotional skills and values.

FICE Bulgaria’s expert team(consisting of Dashenka Kraleva, PhD and Miroslava Bourova, psychologist) created a training methodology with a handbook on developing social and emotional skills of children. The handbook is structured in two main parts: Part 1: Practical guidelines for educating children aged 4-6 about values and social-emotional skills and Part 2 Practical guidelines for educating children aged 7-10 about values and social-emotional skills. Each part of the Handbook begins with information about the social-emotional development of the child according to his/her age, how it affects the child’s behavior and the correlation between values and social-emotional skills.

For both age groups the values that are included in the Handbook include: gratitude, confidence, discipline, kindness, empathy, caring for the environment, perseverance and patience, determination, respect and tolerance, friendship and sense of community, responsibility, honesty, independence and autonomy. The Handbook offers practical methods, tools and techniques for developing children’s social-emotional skills and educating them about values in accordance with their age, using more games, stories, pictures for the age group 4-6 and more texts, puzzles and complicated tasks for the age group 7-11.

FICE Bulgaria organized a two-day training for the pedagogical staff in one school, one kindergarten and one complex for social services for children and families. The training took place in the village of Zverino. A total of 22 child and youth care professionals were involved in the training.

The methodology is currently being implemented in practice with children in the kindergarten and school in the village of Zverino, Bulgaria, as well as with children from the complex for social services in the town of Roman.


FICE Bulgaria celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2021!

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