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FICE Croatia has started a campaign to collect donations for Residential Home Vrbina

4/6/21, 10:45 AM
FICE Croatia has started a campaign to collect donations for Residential Home Vrbina

Information about Residential Home Vrbina

The building of the Residential Home Vrbina Sisak was built in 1928, while the Residential Home Vrbina Sisak was founded in 1954, on March 26. Unfortunately, due to the terrible and devastating earthquake that struck Banovina (Central Croatia) on December 29, 2020, the building of the Children's Home Vrbina Sisak was severely damaged and unusable, as evidenced by the red mark on the building "unusable". This red mark means that the building is life-threatening, and that in the event of another earthquake, it would end up in ruins. This knowledge hit and shocked children and employees. It was their home, home of their care workers, a home where memories were created, and now it is gone...

Also, for the last 25 years, there has been a court dispute between the Church and the state over the ownership of the building of the Residential Home Vrbina Sisak. Namely, in 1997, the Church submitted a request for the return of their property, which was nationalized in the Second World War, and that belonged to the nuns from the order of St. Vinko Paulski. At that time, the building was intended for an orphanage-for children who lost their families during the Second World War. But in the 1950s, the Children's Home building became state property.

Information about the moment of the earthquake in the Residential Home Vrbina

At the time of the earthquake, there were eleven children and ten employees in the institution. Of the eleven children, there were 6 boys and 5 girls. The boys are 5 years old, 8 years old, two boys are 10 years old, one is 11 years old, and one is 17 years old, while two girls are 9 years old, one is 10 years old, and two are 14 years old.

On that day, the children were urgently relocated and taken care of at the Lipik Community Service Center. Two employees traveled about 100 km, and took turns every 24 hours to make it easier for children to adjust to the new institution. On January 5, 2021, the children were placed in a new location in the Children's Home SOS - Children's Village Lekenik. Thus, the children from the Vrbina Children's Home were not only affected by the earthquake in which they lost everything they had, but they changed another home, which requires additional work with them to adapt to the new environment and the people around them. All of us - our children and workers, have only one wish, and that is to return to our city, but this will not be possible for a long time because it is necessary to build a new building for the Children's Home.

Information about the new residential house

Given that the construction of their new Home will take several years, it is very important that all children move to Sisak as soon as possible so that they can continue to attend their home schools, to be in their familiar environment, where their friends are. Many of them have more frequent needs for various medical services, and in Sisak they have all the necessary resources. These are all reasons why it would be necessary to find a house in Sisak, which would be bought from funds raised from donations, exclusively for that purpose, for which the approval of the competent Ministry was obtained. As the provisions of the regulations (Ordinance on minimum conditions for the provision of social services) must be respected for the accommodation of children, a house of at least 150 m2 gross area is required, a square meter costs approximately 1000 euros.

To purchase a house, it is necessary to buy land in advance, which includes taxes, and according to available ads, it amounts to approximately 25,000 euros. Also, it is necessary to plan the cost of designing the building and all the necessary contributions and connections, the amounts of which are not yet known. The house must have five rooms - 4 bedrooms for two users, a room for living and learning and leisure activities, kitchen with dining area and two bathrooms: bathroom, toilet and sink (especially for women and especially for men) with space and for washing clothes (washing machine and dryer). The house must be in a part of the city that has all the facilities nearby (school, clinic, park, children's playground), with all necessary installations (heating, cooling, Internet, telephone, water, electricity). After construction and the possibility of moving into a new building, it will take at least three years until it is possible, the house that would be bought would continue to be used to accommodate 8 children aged 14 to 18, in a family environment, which is the purpose of new trends in childcare, to be housed in smaller, family-type facilities in line with deinstitutionalisation goals. Such accommodation has multiple advantages for accommodated children because they live in a family atmosphere and are much more involved in everyday life and the performance of daily household duties, thus enabling them to live independently.


Residential Home Vrbina Sisak


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