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Name of the organization:

Amhara Development Association (ADA)


Ms. Bisrat Gashawtena

Short history – when is founded, important changes, the goal, mission, vision:

Amhara Development Association (ADA) is an indigenous not-for-profit organization established in May 1992. 

Its vision is “A society capable of solving its socio-economic problems by its own efforts by the year 2020”. And its mission is “Support the development endeavors of the people of ANRS in the area of health, education and basic skill training and development activities through community participation thereby mobilizing resources from members, donors & other sources”.

Important changes so far:

A new management system is introduced. In the years between 2011 and 2016 the number of its members has increased fivefold and today it has 4.1 million members. These members constantly pay membership fees. Collected fees are used to implement education, health and employment creation projects chosen by the members. The annual income from members has grown from USD 1.6 million to 11.4 million (at current exchange rate) between the years mentioned here above. We have been implementing three projects that have direct relation with children


•       Preschools establishment and furnishing at scale

•       A project shortly named as READ is going in some parts of our State to improve the reading and writing skills of children.

•       A project to improve the nutritional status of 6-23 month children is going in some parts of our State


4.1 individual and institutional members




Address: P.O. Box No. 307, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Phone: +251 582 201 008

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