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Czech Republic

Name of the organization:

Federation of Orphanages CR (FDD CR)



PaedDr. Bc. Jana Koubova


Short history – when is founded, important changes, the goal, mission, vision:

Federation of Orphanages CR was founded in 1960 as a “National Association of Orphanages ČSSR”. Subsequently, it was entrusted with the organization of the 1962 international congress in Prague, which took place again in 1990. It continued to work on a federal basis until 1992, when it was divided into Czech and Slovak sections due to the national split of Czechoslovakia.

The above-described activity develops the mission of the FICE on a national level. FDD CR also participates in international activities. The entirety of activities of FDD CR has a connection to the development of all forms of educational activities of children placed into surrogate familial childcare, especially of children with an ordered institutional upbringing.


Main activities:

FDD CR, which is a member of the FICE, is a professional association uniting primarily the staff of state-run childcare (orphanages, educational institutes, diagnostic institutes).


For its members, FDD CR secures:

  • Expert seminars two times a year, possibly with international participation;

  • Publication of bulletins with reports from expert seminars, overview of committee activities and overall information;

  • Regional session regarding current problems of educational support;

  • Co-operation with research facilities and universities specializing in pedagogy, psychology, and special and therapeutic pedagogy;

  • Exchange stays abroad.

For children and individuals in childcare institutions who are unprovided for, FDD CR provides:

  • Holiday stays and tourist meetings;

  • Cultural exhibitions and competitions (The Nicest Concert, The Dramatic Display);

  • Sports competitions (Athletics, Soccer);

  • Summer and winter exchange stays, home and abroad.


95 individual members, 16 institutional care facilities with a total of 525 employees, 2 non-profit organizations and 6 honorary members.

Events organized by FDD CR are open not only for members but also for public.



Federace dětských domovů - FICE ČR

Mathauserova 117

345 61 Staňkov

PaedDr. Bc. Jana Koubova, Chairman


Mgr. Milan Harant, 1. Vice Chairman​

PhDr. Marie Kucerova, 2. Vice Chairman

Pavla Hořínková, assistent

Phone: (+420) 224174462,
Cell Phone: 725 809 823

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