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Centre for supporting communities, professionals, families, youth and children for better life quality FICE Croatia

President:  Petra Hrvoj

Short History:

FICE Croatia was founded in November 2016 with the aim to improve life quality for children, youth, families but also professionals and communities.



Building a network of associations on national and international level aiming to constantly improve the quality of social services through their cooperation and experience and expert exchange.



A society that provides conditions for realizing the potential of every child, young person, family, professional and community.

Main Activities:

Networking, support,  advocating, experience and knowledge exchange, leading and participating through partnerships in national and international projects mainly aimed at the protection and well-being of children and youth, especially those at risk of social exclusion such as children and youth in alternative care.



Petra Hrvoj, president

Tema Bosak, executive director

Contact Information:

Address: Martićeva 21, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska.

Phone: +38595/3954 254

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