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Lviv Education Foundation is a Ukrainian charitable organization, founded in 2000. 


To develop Ukrainian society by creating and supporting a network of volunteer, social and educational initiatives

All projects of the organization are aimed at developing civil society, working with communities to identify their problems, needs and potential. Lviv Education Foundation cooperates with religious, governmental, non-profit and public institutions, with teachers and students of various universities. The members of the team believe that they are very fortunate to live in this period of change, to enable these changes and to empower citizens. Their motto is «Be the change you want to see in the world».



  • increase the mental, moral and educational level of youth

  • improve the social and economic conditions of Ukrainians

  • develop an inclusive environment in Ukraine with dignity for every citizen, regardless of physical condition, religions or social status. 



Overall LEF activity includes: managing of own 15 social and charitable projects such as creating and support of youth platforms all over Ukraine, organizing national/international conferences, devoted to different social questions, managing several grant projects for orphans, semi orphans and children from families in difficult life conditions, mentorship programs for families in crisis, educational programs for parishes, NGOs, amalgamated communities, state representatives, conducting high-quality trainings for social workers, initiative groups of youth, creating and supporting 3 social entrepreneurships, conducting “Building Ukraine Together” volunteers camps and exchange (East-West) programs, supporting long-term projects, providing mini-grants to different communities, etc. 


Team members:

The permanent team of the organization consists of 20 people. Annually, the organization works with more than 2000 volunteers.


Contact details:

Address: Ukraine, Lviv, Sventsitskoho street, 17, 79011

Telephone: +380687061709



Executive Director: Mariana Kashchak

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